Have you got in the situation that “After Flashing the Firmware, Huawei Modem does not ask for password and not accept another sim”, now What to do? We have stuck with so many modems, which after flashing does not ask for any password and also does not work with another network providers sim. Now in your mind will come that you have flashed your firmware successfully with unlocked firmware, then why your modem is not working. Solution is available, now you have to use Huawei Modem code writer software to unlock your modem / to write unlock code in your modem. There are two code writer software available over the internet which will help you (download link is provided at the end of the article).

The below mentioned software is too good to unlock your various types of Huawei Modem. Recently we have stuck with one modem, and Huawei Modem Code Writer Tool was unable to write the unlock code into the modem. But, CardLock Unlock Tool unlocked the modem in a single attempt. 

Now, what are you thinking, if you have stuck somewhere with Huawei modem then why not give a try with below mentioned software.

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