I have recently provided unlocking solution of kuwait Viva B593 (B593-12) Huawei WiFi MiFi Router Gateway. You can Unlock Huawei LTE CPE B593u-91 (B593) MOBILY Saudi arabia WiFi MiFi Router also. In Canada also Telus has been launched Huawei B593 Telus Canada WiFi Router Gateway, which can also be unlocked with unlock code. You can refer Unlocking guide of Huawei B593 Swedish Tele2 WiFi Router Gateway also. These all router comes with un-customized firmware and can be unlocked with the help of correct unlock code only. But, what you will do , if you are router comes with customized firmware. You can not use another network provider sim, since you can not unlock it.

Unlock Huawei B593 WiFi Router
Unlock Huawei B593 WiFi Router

Hence, we are sharing here, huge list of different models of Huawei LTE CPE Router firmware, which you can download totally free. There is no charge of firmware and also, all are direct download links. Just click on the download link and download will start.


Download Firmware Huawei B593 Telia Swedish router to enable outdoor antenna
Download Firmware Update Huawei B593 Router (Elisa Finnish)
Download Firmware Update Huawei B593-s516 V200R001B236D30SP00C00 (Universal)
Download Firmware Update Huawei B593-s850 V200R001B236D10SP00C00 (normal)
Download Firmware Update Huawei B593s-22 V200R001B180D15SP00C00 (normal)
Download Firmware Update Huawei B593s-22 V200R001B180D20SP00C00 (Universal)
Download Firmware Update Huawei B593s-22 V200R001B180D20SP00C209 (Megafon Russia)
Download Firmware Update Huawei B593s-22 WiFi Router V200R001B236D30SP00C00 (Universal)
Download Firmware Update Huawei B593s-42 (normal)
Download Firmware Update Huawei Router B593s-601 TCPUB150D99SP55C00 (normal)
Download Firmware Update Huawei Router B593s-601 V200R001B180D20SP00C00 (Universal)
Download Firmware Update Huawei Router B593s-82 TCPUC00SP032 (normal)
Download HOME NET Router (Huawei B593u-12) Software / Firmware Update T-Mobile (software version V100R001C55SP102)
Download Huawei B593 Router Firmware (Not known) Arabian Language
Download Huawei B593u-12 router firmware B593u-12_V100R001C26SP054.zip (3 Denmark)
Download Huawei B593u-91 router firmware B593u-91.tar.bz2


Note : Firmware update can damage your device, so before changing the firmware make sure what you are doing. From now onward any new firmware related to this model will be updated at here only.


  1. How to upgrade to universal firmware? The device has now the operator’s firmware version. The update fails and says: “File verification failed.”

    Device is B593s-22 and i try B593s-22 universal firmware, but it fails.

    The device is not SIM-locked, I can use any operator card, but I want a universal version of the firmware.

      • Yes, I extract Huawei_B593s-22_Firmware_V200R001B236D30SP00C00_Universal.7z file and there is B710C0UPDATE_V200R001B236D30SP00C00.bin.

        I chose a local update, and this bin file. It will download the file and starts to verify and fails.

        I have now firmware version B593s-22 V200R001B180D20SP05C260 and i also tried to upgrade to version B593s-22 V200R001B180D20SP00C00. It will also fail

        • Reset the device, disconnect from internet, close any huawei related software and then try. If still not work, then nothing can be done. Some devices does not allow downgrade the firmware, whereas firmware upgrade is possible.

          • customized firmware is blocking factory firmware.
            on my modem with V200R001B180D20SP05C69
            i was able to upgrade firmware, but with simple trick.
            i changed with hex editor in factory bin file 9 positions : V200R001B236D30SP00C00 on
            after that upgrade is possible.

            V200R001B180D20SP05C260 maybe this
            V200R001B180D20SP5C260 can work,
            but you can kill modem if not 🙂
            !!!!with hex editor you can only replace numbers, never overwrite with longer number!!!!.
            now I need firmware V200R001B180D20SP05C69 because this soft is with ussd codes sender

          • b593s-22
            preinstalled firmware is located : /online/firmware1.bin
            trick with POST command (firefox+tamper data) and we have full access to file system.
            trick with new firmware also working, also downgrade or upgrade to any version working

          • how i do this trick ??
            because customized firmware is blocking factory firmware on my device.
            i want to upgrade to that V200R001B236D30SP00C00 firmware

          • i tray that, but Does not work
            the customized firmware from telecom company blocking to install any other firmware.
            what to do now ?!

          • Hi i bought from Germany an unlocked Huawei B593s-12 (branded t mobile) is it possible to upgrade the firmware using B593 u12 ? Are there any other solution to update it? What if i use it simple as it is the B593 s 12? What are the limits of the t mobile s12 version? Thanks for let me know guys!

  2. This is the firmware version of my b593s-22 V200R001B180D20SP30C158 what would you suggest firmware to this model?

  3. do you have a user and password of this firmware Huawei B593s-22 V200R001B180D20SP00C209 (Megafon Russia) if you have kindly reply to my comment thank you very much

  4. Hi man how are u ,can u help me plz i need that huawei b593s-601 firmware version:V200R001B270D00SP00C00 where can i get it
    plz your help will be much appreciated thank u download link plz

  5. Sir, can you help me unlock my Huawie B593u-91 device. I already tried all the above tools you mentioned but cannot able to detect my device. Here’s the nameplate of my router. Thanks in advance.
    IMEI: 863168013380614
    MODEL: B593u-91

    • Change the default SIM with another network SIM, plug to PC with LAN cable, login to router admin panel. Search the option for SIM lock / unlock / NCK / Password

      If it is asking for unlock code then Pay 2.38$ for router code through paypal button of https://unlock4modem.in/

      and mention model network imei in transaction

  6. Guys, Can I ask help. I have B593s-22 and it has a megafon firmware. I cannot login to its admin. or how can i change the firmware to its original. thanks. need it badly.

  7. Hi there help needed here…. my device is b593s-22 with V200R001B180D20SP25C158 firware, can u specify the right update i should download for this device? thnx

  8. Hey guys, My ISP has my Huawei B593s-22 router Firewall settings to block inbound policies(Port Forward) and when I contacted them, they did not know what Port Forwarding was and just kept telling me to not change router settings -_- …. But, I really need to portforward for my work! Do you guys have any idea how I can bypass it? My ISP is Viva.

  9. guys!! I just installed B593s-22 V200R001B180D20SP00C209 (Megafon Russia) on my B593s-22 but I can’t login to adminstration page does anyone knows the login and password? now my device is useless I can’t access admin panel

  10. Hi, I just downloaded the B593s-601 firmware update when I try to install it it shows a screen searching for port. then error 10 I think it was , error finding port. Any advise? Where am I going wrong, do I need to take the sim card out when I do the update?

  11. gu pm sir kamles i have a problem trying to unock my 931 lte modem with aug 13 package date,, it alwaays end in 2 bars blinking with wps lights,,, can you hel me about ths,,,,, it will be a big help for me to have your tricks about this… thank you..

  12. hi,, i have Huawei B593u-501 software version V100R003C464SP058 4g lte network is not working, i am using this router in Qatar Ooredoo sevice , please give any suggestion how can i get this work..

  13. Hello, I just upgrade my B593u-12 with this firmware: B593u-12_V100R001C26SP054.zip (3 Denmark) and now I can’t access anymore to admin panel, I tried a factory reset holding reset button for 30secs and the following passwords: “admin”, “admin1234”, “password”, “password1234”, “password123” and none of this works. I’m desperate because I have to configure the APN for 3G/4G and can’t access to router panel. Can you please help me? If you help me I pay 5€ to you by PayPal. Yes, I am this desperate. Thank You. Borja.

  14. Hi Brother,
    Can you please help me to get the Unlock code for HUAWEI B593u-91 , IMEI :863168010232453 ?
    Your early response in highly appreciated..Anyway you are doing a great service !! Keep it up !!!

  15. Hi, I have vodafone B3000 which should be some version of Huawei b593s . How can i found out real versioin of firmware ? Upgrade tool doesnt work, just sends packets over and over with no effect.

    • Login to the device, there system / device info should be there. All details related to your device will be written there.

  16. hello dear,

    I have router model B593u-91, and I Need the universal hauwei firmware ,,, does it exist ?
    software version number is v100r001c82sp102 .

    I tried to unlock my router by UNLOCK CODE but it already locked permanently .

    so if possible that I change firmware it will be better.

    can you help me ???

  17. Hi Admin,

    i have purchased B592s-22 from UAE, it access all carriers in India. I am planning to buy broadband connection but i did not find PPPoE or manual IP option in this device. please help.

  18. Hi Admin.

    Please let me know what are a differences betwen “normal” and “universal firmware version for b593s-22?

    Please help.

    Best regards!

  19. My Router LTE CPE Model B593u-91:

    I successfully Unlock SIM and was working for half an hour.
    Suddenly its automatically upgrading Firmware V100R001C00SP053 to V100R001C82SP102 by Mobily subscriber. Whenever i am trying to unlock it is permanently locked by subscriber and there is a message to contact subscriber to unlock it.

    How can i Flush firmware again and reinstall the same firmware will unlock SIM?
    Can you provide me link of firmware Software version number is B593u-91 V100R001C82SP102.

    Can you suggest me with the firmware link?


  20. Hi,
    I have a modem B593s-22 with the firmware V200R001B236D30SP05C697,
    1) I cant connect outside antenna (don’t get the signal if I set outside antenna)
    2) I can’t use the second SIP Tel 2.

  21. hello Can you help me with the firmware for

    Huawei 4g lte.
    model: E5172Bs-925
    imei : 35750004035904
    huawei firmware V200R001C1179SP100

    my reset counter has exceeded the number of trial times hence locked. thus i need the firmware to reload the reset counter.

    Thanks in anticipation of your help.

  22. Device Information
    Name B593
    SN N4Y5TB1231900330
    IMEI 86803100048xxxx
    Hardware version Ver.B
    Software version V100R001C07SP102

    There is supposed to be an option to enable ipv6:
    Settings -> internet -> PDP Type -> ipv6/ipv4,
    but there is no PDP type settings on my router, so I think I need a newer firmware, but I have failed to find one.

    Are anybody using native IPv6 on a B593?

  23. hi
    i have modem b593u -91 which is use only mobily sim i want to use any sim. so what i do.
    there is no option for unlocking

  24. ame B593 (Mobily)
    SN V4H5TD92B2407895
    IMEI 863168010XX1182
    Hardware version Ver.B
    Software version V100R001C82SP102

    Use file: u91_r+m+h+s.tar
    (Error) The current firmware does not match the target firmware.

    is there anybody?

  25. HI . admin recently i updated LTE CPE 593u-91 mobily .
    but the process failed . now when i goes to recovery mode it goes 35% recovery and then says restart.
    can i flash it completely so i install a new firmware.
    thanks .
    Ur help will be great for me.

  26. Hi admin,

    I have a b593s-22 viva from Koweït…
    I search a custom firmware to access by remote control…
    Because with the version installed I am obligated to pay a dyndns.org account to do it…

    Could you help please?

  27. Hello,
    I do have a b593s-12 from T-mobile germany.
    Is there any way (or firmware) to activate roaming on this device?
    Thx for help…

  28. I upgrade firmware Download HOME NET Router (Huawei B593u-12) Software / Firmware Update T-Mobile (software version V100R001C55SP102) but now my password not valide what the new password this firmware ?

  29. I have a Huawei B593u-501 Unlocked, firmware V100R003C464SP058
    It was originally from the carrier Telus Canada and I am currently using it with T-Mobile USA
    It works fine, except I have some problems with data speed. and external antenna detection.

    The Speedtest from Ookla on Speedtest.net shows me speeds close to 50mbps which is fine.
    But everything on the internet is very slow. When I try to download something I can’t get more than 50KB/S
    So it seems like data is throttled or capped. I’m not sure whether the problem is with the router or my sim card. But when I put my sim card in my cellphone, I have no problem getting fast download speed. But tethering from my cellphone to my laptop is also slow (512 kbps)

    The second problem is with the external antenna. When I go to Diagnosis/System Check, I see that the antenna status is “BUilt-IN” not “external”. Do you know if there a firmware update compatible with my router that would help me resolve these issues?

  30. I have an issue in my b593s-22, it was not connecting on 3g & 4g network. It connects only on 2g network. I can see the available network 4g, 3g, 2g if i make manual network search but it fails to connect on 4g & 3g. My device firmware is V200R001B180D15SP00C00 ver. B
    My sim was LTE(4g) capable.
    Do you have any idea about this?

  31. hai friends,
    i have huawei lte pce b593u-91 router with V100R001C82SP102 version firewall,
    i need same verssion firewall or latest can you help me ?

  32. Device Information
    Name B593
    SN V4H5TD9330803402
    IMEI 863168012284494
    Hardware version Ver.B
    Software version V100R001C82SP102
    brother admin and all i need exe file, please.

  33. hi Kamelsh,
    I have the following router and I have tried multiple firmware with no success, stuck at 2 signal bar or using web interface, failed with verification;





    V200R001B180D20SP02C632 huawei

    I have tried;
    B593s-22_TCPU-V200R001B180D20SP30C158_Philippines Globe_05011WJ
    Stock globe v.30_Chaos79

    Non of them worked… any help please?


  34. Hey,
    can I get unlock code for this;
    IMEI: 359858050251998
    Hard: Vers. B
    Firm: V200R001B236D30SP08C11

    Thank you very much.

  35. Hi,
    can I get unlock code for this;
    IMEI: 860091025352251
    Hard: Vers. B
    Firm: V200R001B236D30SP00C1071

  36. which code i have to use in sim pin ???
    IMEI 863168012676772
    Model b593u-9B
    Unlock Code v1 43790505
    Unlock Code v2 30161478
    Unlock Code v3 78042090
    New Hash a95785e3470002a61c695fe8de7cde50
    Old Hash 0d27595b5164f70df293e9606ba69f82
    Flash Code 63681358


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