Today we have started the firmware download section, because various people are daily approaching reaching of various types of firmwares of Huawei New Algo and Old Algo modem / dongle. From now onward all firmware will be shared in this page. Now you can get all types of firmware download links which is related to Huawei dongle / modem / routers in one page. We will try to update it daily as soon as possible.

Download Links of Different Firmwares

Huawei E3131 Modem Firmware Update_21.

Huawei E367 Firmware from Tattoo globe Philippines 


Huawei E352 modem firmware from the operator T-Mobile 


Huawei E353 Firmware E353Update_21. 

from Singapore operator M1

Huawei E392, Huawei E398 Firmware of Finnish operator


Huawei E173Cs-1 & E303 Firmware from Airtel operator E303_E173Cs-1_ Update_21.

Huawei E303 modem Firmware E303SUpdate.

Huawei E153 modem Firmware E153Update_11.609.20.01.00.B427

Huawei E153 Firmware Generic Version  E153update_11.609.13.03.00.b427

Huawei E353Ws-1 Firmware  

E353Ws-1 TCPUB157D09SP02C5021_22. 
or E353Update_22. 

Huawei E303 & E353Ws HiLink Firmware HiLink 

HiLink11.010.05 .03.5021 _UK H3G_05010YCA

E303C Firmware Update E303CUpdate. 

Password: n1122n

Huawei E303 Firmware Update_E303HiLink11.

Huawei E173 Firmware 


Huawei EC226 Firmware EC226_Firmware_Update_11.

Huawei EM770 firmware


Huawei K4605-H E372 Firmware for MAC OS mac_e372update_11.

Huawei K3520 E169 Firmware with voice E169x_K3520Update_11.314.21.31.00.B418

Huawei K3520 E169 Firmware E169_11.314.09.50.00.B407

Huawei K3565 E160 Firmware E160_11.609.10.00.311.B418

Huawei K3565 E160 Firmware E160_11.609.10.00.158

Huawei K3565 E160 Firmware E160_11.609.10.00.00.B418

Huawei E372 Firmware K4605-H E372update_11.

Huawei E392 Airtel LTE E392 (E392u-92) Firmware: 

Huawei E398 firmware

Huawei E398 modem firmware update MDM9200-1Update_11.335.31.00.000.B757.exe

Huawei E398 modem Firmware E398u-15_update_11.335.21.00.55.b757

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