SkypePhones AMOI and ZTE Phones Unlock Code in Cheapest Rates  – Various people are taking too much charges for Huawei new algo unlock codes, so we have provided new algo unlock code in cheap prices. From my unlock codes various mango people are enjoying his modems with another network provider sim other than default. From Today, we can provide you unlock codes for SkypePhones AMOI and ZTE Phones also. 

Supported Models of SkypePhones AMOI and ZTE Phones are given below :

SkypePhone Unlock code 

  1. SkypePhone AMOI Berlin
  2. SkypePhone AMOI NewYork

Supported ZTE Phones Unlock Codes :

  1. ZTE Phones Orange SanFransisco
  2. ZTE Phones Softbank ZTE 003z
  3. ZTE PHones Telstra Smart Touch T3020
  4. ZTE Phones TMN BlueBelt I
  5. ZTE Phones TMN BlueBelt II
  6. ZTE Phones TMN SilverBelt
  7. ZTE Phones TMN Soft Stone
  8. ZTE Phones Vodafone 547
  9. ZTE Phones ZTE BLADE
  10. ZTE Phones ZTE GR230
  11. ZTE Phones ZTE Link
  12. ZTE Phones ZTE Mercury
  13. ZTE Phones ZTE N261
  14. ZTE Phones ZTE N61
  15. ZTE Phones ZTE Racer
  16. ZTE Phones ZTE Raise
  17. ZTE Phones ZTE SAGE
  18. ZTE Phones ZTE SFR 114
  19. ZTE Phones ZTE SFR 231
  20. ZTE Phones ZTE SFR 232
  21. ZTE Phones ZTE SFR 251 MSN
  22. ZTE Phones ZTE SFR 261 MSN
  23. ZTE Phones ZTE SFR 341
  24. ZTE Phones ZTE SFR 342
  25. ZTE Phones ZTE SFR 343
  26. ZTE Phones ZTE X760 Orange Vegas
  27. ZTE Phones ZTE X850
  28. ZTE Phones ZTE X930
  29. ZTE Phones ZTE X990
  30. ZTE Phones ZTE Xiang
  31. ZTE Phones ZTE-G N281 Orange Miami
  32. ZTE Phones ZTE-G S202
  33. ZTE Phones ZTE-G X760 T-Mobile Vairy Touch
  34. ZTE Phones ZTE-G X761 Vodadone Indie
  35. ZTE Phones ZTE-G X991 Orange Rio
SFR-114, SFR-231, SFR-232, SFR-341, SFR-342, SFR-343, SFR-251, SFR-251 Messenger Edition, N261, N281, Orange Vegas, Orange Lisbon, Orange Rio, Orange Miami, Orange Rome ZTE Sage, TMN5000, Vodafone Indie, X670, X760, X761, X960, X991, G-N 281, GX760, GX761, GR230, GR231, A261+, X990, T-Mobile Vairy Touch, T Mobile Vairy Touch II, Vodafone 547, ZTE Zest, Zong R221, Zong R231 and various other models are supported now.

Note : Above mentioned Skype Phone and ZTE Phones unlock code charge is 2$ + tax, which is equal to unlock code of router. So, users who needs unlock codes of above mentioned phones can pay via paypal button (Pay for router code) created in this website or can mail us to Who wants in bulk unlock codes for Huawei new algo modems or ZTE or Skype phones can mail me also.


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